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Hi there, it's been a LONG time since I made music due to illness, but I am now getting into it again :)

I logged in to download my voxengo plugins and was so happy to see aax versions, as i now use PT12 vanilla instead of logic (the decision was made because PT 12 on mac can do automation in time when there are latent plugins requiring much PDC.. logic fails for many years now and apple won't fix it ps cubase fails too as do most.  Only PT/Reaper/Studio one do it always on time).

Anyway sorry for the OT there :)

Basically the summer sale is on and i am adding stuff to cart, but there are some things i really want that don't have AAX yet, like the mono to stereo converter.  Is it coming and just a matter of time? or are there certain plugins that will simply never be turned into AAX?

I would love to know which ones before i order, so i can remove them from cart.


Hang on am I seeing this correctly?  Premium membership one time fee gets access to all plugs, so when there are aax updates i will get them?

For me the biggest wish for aax is:


2) Mono to Stereo converter Spatifier

3)E Bus Lim -extremely useful for groups during mixing

4) Old school verb - I used this in logic ever day!  The plus hasn't got an aax either yet :(

5)HarmoniEQ - very unique EQ, all others are clean, this is so unique to add some enrichment!

6) Warmifier - absolute classic!

7) Varifier - ditto!  I use this to increase presence without dynamics range being increased - it's very clever

Now who cares about license transfers when the Premium is so cheap?  I just want to make sure my eyes are not deceiving me - i get use of all plugins and the AAX updates when they happen if they are planned, correct?  I was going to buy about 10 plugins but this is so much cheaper.

I almost feel guilty is so cheap!

AAX updates are definitely planned, but this may take some time.  With Premium membership you will get them for free when they are released.
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