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I'm currently working with 16/48000 files (due to the fixed 48k sampling rate of my SBLive with Kx drivers), I usually mix all tracks to 16/48000 and convert it to 16/44100 with r8brain for audio cd burning.  We all know that audio sounds more "organic" with a good dithering algorithm for mastering, but since r8brain uses dithering for the conversion I don't think that they would be a good thing to add some mastering dithering (waves IDR or Voxengo Elephant for example) after the already done "conversion dithering" made by r8brain, that would be noise shaping after noise shaping and it's not recommended.

Does the r8brain adds a suitable dithering for final masters?.  I don't wanna touch the file no more after conversion...

r8brain uses no noise-shaping, but its dithering must be OK for most of the cases.  If in doubt, you can always convert to 24-bit or 32-bit float and then use some external bit-depth converter.
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