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Hi Aleksey.  Can u explain more about r8brain?  Will I expect some artifacts with highest quality processing?  Where can be usefull the 64bits float exporting?

I did a lot of experimentation with r8brain and Samplitude's SRC, and I think your sound better, the Samp one is a little thin compared with the original unprocessed audio.

I do this question because I've read the news about SAWstudio (, with no artifacts in 96kHz bandwidth and -110dbs.

Many thanks for this free baby...  Zep.

The amount of artifacts you get depends on the input-output sample rate ratio.  This is pretty hard to measure I guess, but I believe distortions r8brain introduces are minimal.

64 bits output is just an option.  For example, SoundForge6 can edit 64 bit float files.

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