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Hi Aleksey.  I heard weeks ago about a new plugin called PultequEQ and this seems to sound very good.  Even someone compared it with his Urei EQ.  And now I heard that the plugin will have a compressor too, maybe a channelstrip?

The beta sounds very very good, but it's a little buggy with Wavelab and Nuendo now.

Cheers and keep the great work...  David.

PD: have u think in a tape emulation plugin to insert in all tracks? and in a summing algorythm stand-alone program?  All DAW mixers don't sound like the expensive analog ones.... ;-)

Are you talking about the UAD-1 plugin you need external hardware to run ?  Or is it something else...what is the web link ?


No...  A little EQ experiment by Aleksey called Pulteque.  Maybe he will change the name to avoid problems with legal patents.


Ha Ha - I see - I like the sound of this already, count me in... kylen

PS I like your summing comment too.

Hope you are talking about this one:

I'm wondering, what's buggy with it?

As for 'tape emulation', currently I don't have any idea how it could work...

Hi Aleksey...  It doesn't change the sound and I'm tweaking the knobs.

The same in Nuendo, only a few times.


Interesting ...

Are You still working on this, Aleksey ??

bye, Jan

Holy Smoke that thing sounds good - I'm not usin it anymore cause the demo protection makes me grit my teeth !

I installed it using Directixer, I'm using the Peak setting - I can't get the shelves to work.  What the heck is open,closed, and semi ?  I'm just a poor boy a long way from home - I've never touched a Pultec so I wouldn't know what that stuff is.

Boy that thing sounds good !  Gawd !  I spent Sunday re-balancing a mix and this thing just picked it up ripped it in half and put it back together...with 4 bands no less...


First of all, it won't work with mono signals.  You have to use stereo material.

It also does not implement shelving filters (only a place hold for these is there).

Jan, I've left this one for the near future.  I still have a couple of things to do with Redunoise.

Open/Semi/Closed is a switch which selects the internal 'transfer function' for the filters (these filters are dynamic by their nature).  Generall, the 'Close' mode will give you a very slight change, and you'll end up with a very 'tight' sounding equalization. 'Open' mode gives sound very close to an ordinary hardware EQs (yeah, that 'cheap' sound).  But it's still different.

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