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OK, it is available now for download at

First of all, it features a pretty smooth sound, and extreme easiness of tuning.  These are the most important things Redunoise can offer.  Some noise reduction examples are here: (I've processed denoised versions with Lampthruster to reduce 'deadness').

Since this is an alpha, there's no real user's manual available.

Some info on the controls:

Thresh - threshold.  Signal falling below it will be reduced by Reduce decibells.

Band - transition band.  Signal staying in the transition band is reduced gradually from 0 to Reduce decibells.

(Thresh and Band a relative values.)

Makeup - makeup gain in dB/oct.  Useful for boosting up some highs.

Slope - spectrum's slope in dB/oct.  Sometimes broadband noise is not a horizontal line.  In this case tuning the Slope control is useful.  Slope is also useful for additional general finetuning.

Inertia - inertia of internal filters.  Increasing this value allows to get rid of the swishes.

History - spectrum history.  1 means 'no history' (instant spectrum is used for analysis).

Interesting thing is the Static/Dynamic switch.  In Static mode everything is pretty straight-forward.  While in Dynamic mode plug-in tries to find the actual noise level.

Comments are welcome!

P.S. you need at least an 1GHz processor to use this plug-in.

Hmm, sounds very interesting to me!  But where is the Fingerprint function?


i get it, you apply a envelope-following lowpass filter instead a fingerprint.  But thats not useable for lower-frequency noise like at 2khz, it cuts the whole higher frequency range before it reaches down to there.  But for HF noise it sounds interesting, altough to much like an effect.  I really seems i can get the same when i use some simply envelope-following LP filter.

btw, "PC Noise Reduction System" sounds like it would reduce the noise my PC-Fans and HD´s are making, i would go for another name ;) better is "VST Noise Reduction System".

Hi Aleksey,

I like it so far, it's similiar to my Virtos noise wizard package only with more controls - more fine tuning.  I didn't get a chance to use it for too long, while I was spinning a couple of the knobs it dropped my cpu - I twisted threshold, then band, then I began twisting reduce and my cpu froze.

I was running Sonar 2.2 on a PIV with Windows XP.

No biggie - I knew I was twisting the knobs of an alpha so I backed up my work first.

This guy has some good potential it looks like.  I've got Sound Forge NR, CEP NR, Virtos NR, those grades of NR so I can take it for a spin in the near future.

Do you have a pricing scheme yet ?


PS What made you get into NR, more excitement ?

No, there are no 'envelope following' low-pass filters.  Redunoise first analyzes sepctrum and then applies filtering.  Like all NR system do, however Redunoise is different in exactly filtering.

The truth is you *cannot* safely filter noise at lower frequenices with *any* existing NR system.  Or at least I've never seen one which allows this.  Existing NR systems use a FFT analysis, and the problem with FFT is that you have a very poor resolution in the lower end, and in fact you cannot filter anything in the lower end without destroying something or adding unmusical distortion.

I'm working on the next version and will try to offer a solution to this 'poor low end resolution' problem.  However, this will make filtering an iterative process.

Fingerprinting is not really useful with the real-time analysis display.  But I'm going to add a possibility of defining an arbitrary threshold curve.

'PC' will be 'PC VST'.

kylen, what do you mean 'froze your CPU'?  This alpha version has a problem of display freezing, but that is not a hang-up or crash.

As for pricing, I have not decided its price.  I know the prices of the existing NR systems and I believe I can offer a bargain price in comparison to those.

I've went into NR things just because I've had an idea how to make noise reduction simpler and better.  Never previously thought I will do some NR stuff, though.

kylen, where can I download Virtos demo or evaluation version?

Hi Aleksey,

Virtos is here, it is DX:

During my session last night my computer locked up - the mouse froze - couldn't run taks manager (ctrl-alt-del) and I had to reboot.

One other funny thing is after installing Redunoise and registering using Cakewalk VST Adapter 4.3.1 Sonar was telling me it lost CurveEQ plugins that were previously inserted in a project.  I tried to reinsert CurveEQ and that worked fine so I don't know what happened there???

If Redunoise does what I think it can it will be a nice addition for me.



OK, I possibly know why it froze up (a bug).  I think I've fixed it (will release it with the next alpha).

VST Adapter does not like plug-ins with the same filename prefix, and so sometimes there can be problems with registering VST plug-ins (not only Voxengo ones).  I only hope Cakewalk can fix that problem (solution is known, even Angus, original adapter's author, knows the source of the problem).

Virtos DeNoiser looks like a pretty cheap solution, not as simple to me, though.  I was thinking about the same pricetag (possibly, slightly higher).

Of course, with a pretty low introductory price offer.

Hi Aleksey,

I expect to do some heavy EQ re-balancing (now that I am working CurveEQ a lot better) and believe I would have some material to take Redunoise for a pretty good test drive if it's ready for this weekend.


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