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Whenever it becomes available, it will probably be better than the Waves version of MS, and a lot cheaper.  Dang!  If only I had known you were going to get into MS, Aleksey...


I don't know when I'll add these, but I guess pretty soon.  Possibly, for v 2.0.

Hi Aleksey

Would it be possible to add a latency option in the UI as I use curveEQ on several inserts and now my tracks are all over the place - as far as I know latency-compensation only works on the channel sends in SX.  I realise that it was increased to 4096 to allow more instances for people with not-so-fast PCs but my PIV 3GHz is more than happy to run a load of little cuveEQs.

One more suggestion?  When you take a capture could the UI display the average energy\freq curve of the capture, this would be usefull when loading up capture files as you could see what they actually look like (as opposed to the result after matching).

The sound and UI improvements in the latest version are brilliant, thank you thank you thank you :)


I'll add that latency option very soon.

As for displaying the captured freq curve, I'll think about adding this.  Not sure right now how to do it, though.

Thanks for taking time to evaluate this newer beta!

CurveEQ 1.9h is now available for download.  It has 'Spread CPU Load' switch which you can disable to get the same latency as the previous versions had.

Does the SX Delay Compensation work correct, for both latency settings, now ??

Hi Aleksey, great news about the latency switch, it means I can now use the latest versions of curveEQ - I often use the plug-in on more than one track insert so I can process drums\vocals separately.

Is there a reason why curveEQ doesn't appear in the process-plug-in list when you right click on an audio part, whereas elephant does?  It would be a real bonus if you could process parts (or entire tracks) as opposed to using inserts.

Regards ;)


Jan, I don't know about SX delay compensation, but CurveEQ should report latency it introduces correctly now.

Phil, what's 'process plug-in list' and where it is available (Cubase SX?).  I can't say sure why CurveEQ does not seem to appear there.  In fact, there should be little difference host-wise between Elephant and CurveEQ (i.e. they have equal interfaces and a way these interfaces were implementd).


Which version of SX are You using ??

There was a bug in versions before 1.06, that could cause various plugins,

not to show up in the 'process plug-in list' !

It was not related to certain plugins.

bye, Jan

CurveEQ beta 1.9i is available.  Please, check it out:

I'm going to release v1.9 soon.

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