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Beta 1.9b is now up.

It has an improved SpectruMatch and also band spectrum analyzer must be more precise now.

By pressing the "?" button while holding the CTRL key you'll see a 'help desk' describing all the buttons.

I've temporarily adjusted the kernel design method.  I believe it must give a more open sound in the higher end.  Any comments, please?

Aleksey, I installed this beta version and it sounds very good but why is there a glitch in the frequecy responce just above 1 Khz.

Yes, what is that?

The main concern here is the sound.  That 'glitch' is a byproduct of this newer filter design method.  I believe this 'wave' around 1kHz does not make anything worse.

In the end--if this design method is good enough--I'll add it as a '2-P' mode.

Alesksey, The sound is excellent and having a 2-P would be great

OK, thanks for your feedback.  If there will be no negative feedback, I'll add this mode for sure.

OK, the next beta has been released:

It includes this new filter mode as an option now.  Please, read the 'what's new' file for more info on updates made.

This version may have bugs, and if you enounter one, please, report to

I downloaded 1.9c and used it for a bit last night - very nice improvements.

Didn't notice any bugs yet - where are they ? (Ha Ha programmer joke :) - If you could say - they wouldn't be bugs then )


You mean, version 1.9d?

Ooops sorry !  Must've been 1.9d...kylen
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