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We have some neutral news here.

These news should be most useful for users of Cakewalk VST Adapter.  For those who use native VST environments, this is not as important.  However, native VST users should read this text too to remove any further confusion regarding the matters discussed here.

Since the existing Voxengo plug-ins' setup scheme in all the cases caused the problems with the Cakewalk VST Adapter's VST plug-in scanning (in the end some of the Voxengo plug-ins were not recognized at all), we have changed this setup scheme.

Previously, both the DLL file and all accompanying files (like help, what's new, license files, etc) were all placed into the same folder, in most cases under the subfolder of the main "VstPlugins" folder, similar to "VstPlugins\Voxengo CurveEQ VST", "VstPlugins\Voxengo Elephant VST" and so on.  As was noted, this scheme caused VST Adapter to be unable to find the necessary DLL files.

From now on, DLL files by default will be placed into the main "VstPlugins" folder, or any other folder you specify, so that in the end *ALL* Voxengo products' DLL files reside in the same folder.  In parallel, "VstPlugins\Voxengo CurveEQ VST" or alike folder will be also created with the accompanying files, except the DLL file, inside it.

This should later resolve the existing problems with Cakewalk's VST Adapter and also this should not cause any problems to native VST environment users.

If you are going to install the newer version of any Voxengo plug-in, you should uninstall the previous version first (all newer versions will warn you about the necessity of performing uninstallation, if you have not performed it already).  If you did any manual DLL renamings, you *SHOULD* delete these renamed files manually since uninstaller cannot automatically find them.

Right now, only the recently released Elephant 1.2 supports this setup scheme.  In the next week I will release all the other plug-ins in their current state, with the updated setup procedure.

You can wait until I post the further notice when all the products were updated, or you can try to install the Elephant 1.2 to see how things work now.

If you are using the free Voxengo plug-ins and placing them into some specific folder, you should install the newer commercial plug-ins into the same folder so that all Voxengo plug-in DLL files (both the commercial and the free ones) reside in the same folder (THIS IS IMPORTANT).

For example, if you are generally using the "VstPlugins\Voxengo" folder instead of the default "VstPlugins" folder you should install the updated products into the "VstPlugins\Voxengo" folder (you can specify it during the setup procedure).  All other Voxengo DLL files should go into this folder, too.

I hope that everything is clear here.  If you have any further questions you can write these here:

We are sorry for any confusion this may cause.

Thank you for your time and continuing support!


(if you have already downloaded Elephant 1.2 you should redownload since now it comes with the updated setup procedure)

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