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Hi Aleksey,

After 30 seconds I get the typical demo only audio glitch for about 1 second then the audio resumes.  Did you intend that ?  I'm using the latest 1.0g but 1.0c did that also.


Hi kylen.

I think the 1.0g is still a demo, so there will be a pause.


Oh, OK.  Thanks John!

Ha Ha - I'm ready to go with this one already !  The spectral balance (non-coloring) seems to be very good so far.  I won't know how it really sounds till I give it the truck test though!

Take care,


You can download the newer version 1.0h:

I've optimized it a lot.

Hello Aleksey,

How soon do you think the Polysquasher will be available?  I would really like to use it!  It reminds me somewhat of Steinberg's Puncher, only much more clean and refined, like all of your plugs.

I can't wait to start rendering files with it.


It will be available pretty soon I expect.  Now it has got a 'knee' option, too.

Now Polysquasher has a 'knee' option which specifies knee's span in dB with the center in the Threshold.

'Hard' knee resembles version H's behaviour.

Now you can also choose the processing mode.  Mode 1 creates a kind of presense in sound ('rebalancing' I was talking about earlier), while Mode 2 mostly preserves frequency balance.

I've removed oversampling which was a huge CPU burden.

OK I'll buy 1.0k - I can hear it in my head already.

Where do I mail my wallet to ? :)


Thanks, Kylen. :) But you have to wait at least one week.  Polysquasher needs a kind of packaging (the webpage, the manual, etc).  Also, GUI is a thing to be done.

No problemo Aleksey I'll be here.

I'm looking at bass expansion this week anyway .  Like down in the first few octaves...


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