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Here's what I've come up with.  This is a mastering compressor which uses a slightly different approach than usually compressors use (thus the name prefix, 'poly').  Squasher is a kind of synonym for 'compressor'.

Since this is an alpha version only, it has no webpage and no user's manual.


Threshold and Ratio are pretty 'standard' compression controls.

Inertia - a speed of compressor's reaction to level changes.  If Inertia is small, then compressor will react swiftly.

Fluffy is a parameter which makes a kind of 'fluffy' compression behaviour.  Just tweak it and listen to the results.

Envelope controls the 'integration time' of envelope follower detector used in compressor.  Theoretically, smaller values make it react faster to peaks while larger values make compression generally more softer.

I'm not totally sure this compressor can be used on normal tracks and various instruments, but you can always try that for yourself.  Nor I'm sure it can be used at all.  However, I've already got some nice results with some program material.  This is kind of experiment.

If this thing works for some of you, please, tell me how it actually works.  In the possible release version efficiency of the processing can be increased by 2-2.5 times.

I also don't plan to put a heavy price on this plug-in.

I've just had a very quick go with this, and my first impressions are good -- I dialled in fairly subtle settings 1.15 ratio, 3-4dB gain reduction, 3x inertia, and it has given a mix a more solid and cleaner sounding bass, and calmed down a slightly aggressive (cymbally) high-end.  Overall, it sounds very clean, but also smooth (it's very hard to express these things in language, most adjectives seem to be touch or sight based).  I couldn't hear much difference with the envelope settings, so I left it at default.  I would have liked the chance to try a longer inertia setting.  I'll experiment further.

OK, thanks for your time!  I'll also check the envelope control...  Maybe it's just internally misconnected.

BTW, I've also discovered that this compressor can be used for 'clipped' limiting.  You can dial in a pretty high compression and then simply increase 'out' until it starts to clip.  This way clipping sounds much cleaner than without the Polysquasher.

Here's the newer version available.  It fixes the 'Envelope' control which was kind of disabled in the previous version.

I just tried it again on a different piece of music with a lower dynamic range (higher RMS), but this time I found it impossible to get any good effect from the compressor (version B).  I think, therefore, it's efficacy is probably dependent on the material being processed.

BTW, you can try version 'C' now.  It should be more widely usable:

However, it has latency and less controls.

I just tried the Alpha C.  I Like it.  Am I hearing auto-makeup gain in there ?

I'm using a real light ratio like Andrew, even lighter like 1.02:1 but a low threshold at -20dB.  Low gain reduction (thanks for gain reduction indicator!) like average less than 1dB.

I've got a rock tune that I've got a pretty tight EQ balance on using Curve EQ first.

Is this the one where you tell us what fluffy really does ? :)

Anyway I know what to do with this one, if I put it on a freq splitter.  But it sounds pretty good on a well balanced full band rock song.  The attack and release are totally program driven ?  Good job !

I tried this after CurveEQ but before Elephant maybe I'll put it after Elephant for a 'clipper' it might sound good there to.  I'll play around some more - thank you !


Thanks for your time and your comments!  This is precious thing for me.

You can download the newer alpha now:

It is simpler now, and maybe it sounds better for mix compression.

For bass-heavy mixes it can be unsuitable, but maybe some low freq EQ boost may help.

In any case, I think it can be used for (pre) mastering, solidifying things a bit.

Hi Aleksey,

To me the Poly is a little on the "warm-opto" side of things, or maybe it's the inertia/attack or envelope/release?  I'm not sure honestly, but like you say, it does solidify things nicely, when used in small amounts.

I don't know where you may want to go with the Poly, but I think a good, simple mix compressor like the Poly would be a nice tool.


Here's what I have posted to K-v-R forum:

I guess, Polysquasher is now very close to what it must resemble by itself.

I'm simply amazed.  It kind of performs spectral rebalancing which makes almost every mix sound more pronounced.  CurveEQ's SpectruMatch confirms this - you get an average EQ picture which differs from the original (+- 1 dB mostly), you can even get more low end (in average).

You can try these settings: Threshold at -18, Ratio 1.07:1, out 1.3

I've tested this with many mixes, and all sounded better.  No, you don't have much compression, but some kind of rebalancing.  I don't know if other compressors offer this, but in any case this is a very interesting behaviour.  I guess compression itself (at high ratios) sounds with mixes OK too.

I've added 3x oversampling (4x is a bit heavy).

Beware, now plug-in is a real CPU hog (though, later I will optimize it).

Hope it works well for you!

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