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Only after a single day this newer beta is available.  This version also offers unlinked modes, it must be suitable for everyone since it is fully backward compatible.

AIGC2 mode offers even cleaner sounding limiting than you get with AIGC.

Wow.  Aleksey, do you ever sleep?  Should we start calling you "HAL??"

Thanks for putting the unlink mode back in!


I don't really know what means "HAL".  But I usually sleep enough time.

OK Aleksey, maybe I watch too many American movies. "HAL" was the computer in Stanley Kubrick's "2001 A Space Odyssey" that tried to take over the spaceship... oh, never mind.  Probably as obscure as my fish-in-newspapers reference (Godfather, "tonight he sleeps with the fishes," i.e. he dies).  It's all good, a compliment, Aleksey.  Sorry.


Thanks Aleksey, I prefer the unlinked mode myself and appreciate the choice of using either one

another wow.  Haven't tried b,c or d, but I'd definetly give it a shot this weekend.  Keep up the good work.  Much appreciated.

Thanks Aleksey, I really like the AIGC mode -- it sounds excellent, it even allows one to dial in a subtle pumping effect which sounds great!

OK, nice to hear it works!  Thanks for comments!

Hi Aleksey,

I used 1.2d in AIGC2 mode on a remaster and it and it is amazing.  I find

that the entire frequency spectrum is reproduced cleaner and with less

distortion.  I compared my remaster against a version done with L2 as

the limiter and 1.2d is far better.  IMHO Elephant 1.2d is the king of limiters

Thank you for your hard work.

I don't think there is anyone better at developing code for music plugins.

These are the best plugins I use.



I agree, Voxengo plugins are the best.

Aleksey, have you given any thought to a plugin dedicated solely to manipulating harmonics?  I mean, say, be able to pick and choose what harmonics are applied, at what level and to what frequency band, etc.  The harmonics available in CurveEQ and Lampthruster are very subtle and nice, but sometimes I think it would be nice to have more specific control.

I would very excited to see what you would do with this.  On the other hand, maybe you think there is already a good plugin that does all this.  If so, any recommendations?  Still, I would like to see what you would do...

Thanks again for everything you do.


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