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A *big* improvement here.  It is called AIGC (Automatic In Gain Control).  This mode automatically adjusts the specified input gain to minimize the general distortion.  In fact, this mode guarantees an almost distortion-free limiting while introducing only a minimal 'pumping' side-effect which in most cases generally is not perceived as some unfortunate pumping.

AIGC switch has replaced the linking switch.  Now linking for stereo input is always enabled (unlinked mode is not generally usable for music).

The manual temporarily has no mention of AIGC, but that will change in the release version.


Thanks Aleksey,

I've been using it all day on some bass frequencies and seem to be able to tweak out the bass distortion easier using the shape knobs.  I don't know if your changes would be doing that or if I'm getting better at adjusting the curves - both maybe.


ps I split a song into 5 bands using Cool Edit Pro (frequency band splitter) and have inserted ElephantHQ on the 5 tracks making a muti-band Elephant.  DUe to the processing power need I have to 'lock' the tracks (which does a sort of pre-render) and work with one at a time but the sounds I'm getting are the best of any configuration so far.  Overkill yes, it's a rescue mission of a bad mix!

I think AIGC enabled allows a much faster tuning without achieving an excessive distortion.  Of course, other controls also play role in the final tone you get.

Where is 1.2b?  I can't find it on a downloads page.

It's the fourth listing on the Downloads page, "demo BETA." Check it out.  Very cool.


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