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A newer version of Voxengo Tempo Delay VST has been released.  This version mainly faces various stability issues.  Also, it introduces presets.  Tempo Delay is very good for any audio tracks (be it synth, vocal or instrument), but is especially good for guitar tracks.


Thanks, Aleksey.  To be honest, this is my favourite one.

I'm really glad to hear!

Are you still thinking of adding a sync to host feature?

I still have not found any explanation about how plug-in can sync to host's BPM.  But this is on my to-do list.


PSP has it, so does Cubase's built in VSTs

Ohm-boyz has it also, I believe.

Won't any of those guys share the info?

Hey, BFD has it and I bet the Angus would give ya the info, nice guy and all.



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