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Pre-release beta v1.8m of Voxengo CurveEQ VST is available for download at

Changelog for v1.8:

1.  Thread-safety code reimplemented (this is a technical improvement only).

2.  Added "minimum-phase" filter mode.  When this mode is enabled CurveEQ actually designs an analog style FIR-filter, without pre-echoing.  This creates a non-linear phase filter which in fact sounds even more vintage.

3.  Implemented "spectrum type" global setting.  Now if you feel more comfortable with 1/6, 1/3, 2/3, etc. octave spectral display you can use it instead of the default full resolution display.

4.  New gear options: LA C, MEQ A

5.  Increased visual size of the gear list.

6.  Preset enumeration bug/flicker present in some hosts fixed.

7. "Max L/R" channel mode added.  In this mode the louder level (for each spectral bin) of the two channels is used.

8. "Freehand" mode implemented.  In this mode you can draw EQ curve with the mouse freely.  Please, read the help file for more information.

9. "I" (invert) button added.  This button inverts the EQ curve.

10.  Several reset options added, useful for the "freehand" mode.

11.  More denormalization countermeasures implemented.

12.  Undo and redo implemented.  Undo has 32 levels and covers EQ curve changes only.

13. "Band EQ" presets were replaced with different presets.

14.  SpectruMatch now allows to create the EQ curve with the specified number of control points (up to 60).  Previously created presets and spectrum files can be seamlessly loaded/imported, with minimal differences.  However, backward compatibility is not supported (you cannot safely load the newer presets with the earlier CurveEQ versions).


you did a great job with the last build!  For me, the CurveEq interface is close the be 'perfect'.  The new reset and undo/redo functions are great.  Everything seems to work like it is supposed to on my system.  Just one suggestion: Instead of having the curve matching point number in the options section (? button), I would rather make it a drop down list associated with the 'M' button.

best regards


Yes, a good suggestion.  I'll change it this way.

About the user interface: I'd like somewhat more descriptive buttons... one-letter texts are too cryptic.  I know it's not a trivial program, so you have to read the manual anyway, but still.

But making button texts longer isn't really possible and it will in fact burden the whole GUI look.  Manual describes it all.

I must say that I was very impressed with transparency of your sonic finalizer so I purchased the Curve eq and Elephant,all of these are usable and sound o.k.

However Imust tell you Iwas somewhat disappointed, when a friend told me to check out the izotope 2 demo ,after spending well over $200 for your mastering suite and previewing the izotope 2 which sells for $199 the completeness of the voxengo system is far less, perhaps things like allowing for controll of at least 4 bands of compression in the finalizer and a trully active harmonic enhancer instead of just impulses taken from other gear I would truley not like to spend another $200 just to have a few additional mastering tools not available to me in your system

I understand your disappointment.  At the same time I must state that Voxengo commercial products offer you a high-quality mastering approach.  I cannot easily say that Ozone offers superior quality and transparency than that of Voxengo products.  This means that you have a better quality for a very comparable price.

As for harmonic enhancer you can try Lampthruster alpha which is available for download.  The final version is almost ready and will be available soon for a very reasonable introductory price.

O.K. , I checked out the Lampthruster and it is a very good for end processing ,but what will it cost?

One-month intro price will be $45, final price is $60.

Eric wrote:

after spending well over $200 for your mastering suite...

Just curious Eric, the download page sells the mastering suite for $170.

I have Ozone2 also.  It is very good but does not solve all problems that's why I use Voxengo plugs also.  I would ask Ozone for 5 bands of control - subbass, bass, lo mid, himid, highs and an RMS detector option on the compressor.  Even without these things Ozone is very good but it could use some beefing up also.

If you look in the Sonic Finalizer forum in about 3 minutes you'll see me asking Aleksy if any of his plugs use an RMS detector.  That's the thing I'm interested in these days.

Let me know when you find a single plug, or suite that does everything I need and I'll buy it!  Till then I'll cross-mix plugs to solve audio mixing and mastering problems.  Same as you.  It does cost a few bucks though, eh ?  We're not talking Waves Gold Bundle prices here either...


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