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I've just put a newer beta version of the CurveEQ (1.8k) at

It introduces a free-hand mode which can be enabled by double-clicking the right mouse button on the control (drawing) surface.  When control points are hidden, this mode is active.  Before enabling this mode it is suggested to reset the curve to 50 points (now CurveEQ has several reset options too).

After these steps were done you will have a pretty convenient EQ curve drawing tool.

Comments are welcome!

Hi Aleksey,

Is the beta version installed next to the 1.7 version?



Ps. looking forward to test this new feature

Yes, there must be no additional issues in installing the latest beta over 1.7.  BTW, I think you *should* stick with the lastest beta since it has much more features than 1.7 has.

Hi Aleksey,

Did install the new beta.  Great new stuff!

Keep up the great work!


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