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Forums     Discussions     Announces, Releases and Discussions Voxengo releases Sonic Finalizer 1.1

The main idea behind Sonic Finalizer is a spectral balance.  A perfectly balanced mix can be seen on a spectrum analyzer as a spectral curve with a downward slope towards the high end.  There can be some deviations from this rule, but generally it always applies (at least the higher frequencies are usually less powerful than lower frequencies).  Sonic Finalizer uses compression to adjust the spectral balance of any sound material being processed in a way that its spectral curve fulfills the aforementioned rule.  Thus, Sonic Finalizer could also be called a spectral compressor.

The new version 1.1 introduces convenient spectral gain change meters.  Gain change meters greatly increase the overall comprehension of the plug-in's controls and allows you to get the desired results easier and faster.

The `Link' and the `Fluffy' controls were introduced to add more control over Sonic Finalizer.  When the `Link' mode is enabled, Sonic Finalizer enters the stereo-linked operation mode which preserves stereo-field of the program material during processing.  This mode is also lighter on the CPU.  Now you can switch between the `Fluffy' and the `Normal' operation modes, too. `Fluffy' is the default mode and it allows you to get an interesting and pretty unique spectral dynamics processing.  The `Normal' mode makes Sonic Finalizer work in a more straight-forward way, useful for general mastering compression.

Other significant improvements are: a faster graphical user interface, better compression controls, more presets.

To sum up, Sonic Finalizer's features are:

* Innovative spectral compression technology

* Gain change meters

* "A-to-B" comparisons

* Factory presets (where available)

* Mono -> Stereo, Stereo -> Stereo processing modes

* 44.1k and 48k sample rates supported

* Highly optimized DSP

* 64-bit internal precision


96khz .... ?

-R :) bert

SF supports 96 kHz and any other sample rate, but it passes frequencies flat only up to 22 kHz.  You can try the simple test - create a 96kHz file with a white noise and process it with the SF.  You will see what I mean using the spectrum analyzer.

Aleksey, I must say something here:

I bought it as you released it once.  And I liked it from the first moment.  Thanks for this great sounding tool.  And thank you very very much for thinking about my idea of a gain change meter.  What you implemented (spectral gain change meters) is more than I thought what's possible.  It perfectly fits to the spectral design of the finalizer.  It realy helps me in the mastering.  With the chain cuveeq, sonicfin. and elephant I get a sound out of my mixes right out of my logic arrangements wich is more than great.  Thank you.  Keep on working on tools with a quality like that with that fair price (Maybe adding some dithering to elephant?).



Thanks for your support!  I have dithering on my 'todo' list.
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