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I know Aleksey is not keen on harmonic exciters, however, the new Waves Vitamin is exceptional and vastly superior to most exciters/enhancers on the market, with the exception, perhaps, of Izotope's Ozone.  Is there any chance Voxengo might rival Waves with the best harmonic exciter on the market, with the usual amount of Voxengo flexibility and options for perfect tweaking?  I know many have said it has revolutionised their mixing since it's far more flexible and effective than EQ in many cases, particularly modern music production, and in the case of Ozone, I know Skrillex uses it exclusively for his equalization.

Thanks for your suggestion.  Currently we have no plans for such plugin.

Do you have any products currently available that would replicate a similar function as that plugin?

Probably, no.  We have Warmifier, but it is not designed to perform a very strong coloration.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Varisaturator is pretty cool!
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