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Apparently Sonar still doesn't pay attention to the auto oversampling option.  Just thought I'd note this here, not sure you can do anything about it though.  I did a small test with fast bounce to show the issue.

* Auto oversampling (8x) - 15.4 seconds to render

* Manual 8x oversampling - 47.8

* 1x sampling - 17.0 seconds

Basically it renders at 1x speed, even when Auto is enabled...  I'm going to assume it doesn't even use the auto feature at all.  I also noticed that "Offline rendering" message rarely comes up, if it does it disappears almost instantly.  Really wish I could use the Auto oversampling option, but I think it's just Sonar's problem.  Sonar also has weirdness in X1 with the offline rendering message never coming up.

It may be Sonar's issue indeed. "Offline render" feature is non-stable to my knowledge - some hosts and even versions of hosts support it while others do not.

It turns out that the auto oversample doesn't work in WaveLab 8.5 either.  I had always just assumed that it did.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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