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A new beta has been released.  Now SF has got gain change meters.  They look pretty useful to me.  I've also added 'link' option which is also important.

Hi Aleksey

I think youy've chosen a very clever way of indicating the gain change -- encapsulating a lot of information in a compact space.  However, the meters would benefit greatly if they were on a white bacground -- it's quite hard to see small gain changes against the currrent background.  Thanks.

Andrew Milne

OK, I'll try this: I'll make black background.  I will set the scale to +-5 dB and I will use these colours (from expansion to reduction): green, yellow, black, orange, red.  I.E. black = no gain change.

I've uploaded version 1.1c.  It implements four-colour scheme: yellow, green, orange, red.  This way it looks smooth.

Hi Aleksey, you probably shouldn't work at the weekend :), but anyway -- this looks excellent.  I imagine you've experimented with the colours, but I'm wondering if there might be a slightly better choice.  The problem with the current selection is that we have a darker colour (red compared to orange) for heavy compression, but a lighter one (yellow compared to green) for heavy expansion, and I think this is a little confusing.  Perhaps you could use green for heavy expansion and a yellowy green for light expansion, or perhaps blue for heavy expansion and turquoise for light.  I think the latter would be a better choice because blue has a similar quality of solidity to red, unlike green which seems very light -- it would also help to avoid people misinterpreting the green as indicating "under" and red as "over" which are the conventional connotations of these colours when used in meters.  Anyway I'll shut up now, I expect others will have opinions as well.


This sounds reasonable.  You can check out the newer v1.1e beta to see the changed colour scheme.

Thanks, that a big improvement -- much clearer.


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