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Forums     Discussions     Announces, Releases and Discussions Instance name not saved in default preset

Following plugins don't save the instance name with the "Set as default" button:

Crunchessor 2.9

Marvel GEQ 1.3

MSED 2.7

OldSkoolVerb 2.3

PHA-979 2.4.1

In others it's working.

Why that?

Sorry, but I do not see a reason to restore the instance name when loading a default preset.


Why does it work in other plugins (Elephant 4.1 for example)?

It was decided to change this behavior in future updates.

Ok.  No problem ;)

I may review this behavior - it's not hard to change it, but I do not see a lot of cases where restoring instance name is useful.

I 've just wanted to put in the name of each plugin so that I don't have "Unnamed Instance" shown on plugin load.  But I don't really need it ...
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