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I'm new to self-mastering.  I purchased several Voxengo plugs and also own UAD plugs.  Can someone please suggest a simple mastering chain for a .wav file.  Music genre is blues rock.  I may experiment with stems as well.  Thanks.  Bob

These forums are for technical support mainly, so I suggest you to post a similar question on more popular forums like

Using Voxengo plug-ins, you can start with Polysquasher (Soniformer) then CurveEQ (GlissEQ) then Elephant.

thanks Aleksey, that's a start.  Bob

A very effective mastering chain can be built from just a single compressor, a single EQ, and a limiter (I use Voxengo Elephant mainly).  You might wanna add something for M/S coding too, the Voxengo MSED is freeware, and possibly something for saturation/tape emulation if you are doing it all in the box.

Mastering is more about the experience, room, and monitoring, than it is about specific tools.

thanks for your reply.  I agree, less is more.  I have a good selection of plugins to choose from, and do have the Voxengo Elephant and MSED, among others.
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