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dear aleksey,

there are hundreds of plugins around the world for different tasks, but really not many gates (and gates are such an important thing for a good mix). i know, that voxformer has a gate- function, but a single, specialized gate from you would be great! any chance for a voxengo (noise)- gate?

kind regards

Please try Drumformer's gate, it's the "state of the art" for me, and it can work exclusively, with all other modules disabled.

No plans for a dedicated gate as it's a very niche processor.

thanx for your answer.

i will try a demo- version of drumformer as soon as possible! maybe IT IS the voxengo- gate in its own way ;)

kind regards and a merry x- mas

...and just another question: what´s about your plans to implement a test- tone function in "span"? it would make this fantastic plug- in nearly perfect...

Do you mean test-tone playback function?

yes indeed!

a function that allows to play sine wave tones (31hz, 50hz, 100hz, and so on), a sine sweep and pink noise maybe at a clear level (-12 dbFs, -6 dbFs and so on). a little bit like a small "build- in synthesizer".

I'll think about it, thanks for suggestion.

yeah, great! :-D

so it would be possible to check (studio)- monitoring problems and analysing this in one simple way without a test- cd or noise samples. maybe you could implement a basic setup in "span- free" and an advanced mode in commercial "span- plus"...

I will include test tone generator (noise generator) into SPAN Plus only.
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