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dear aleksey,

are there any plans for a voxengo "fet- style" compressor with ultra short- attack time and a very aggressive and snappy sound. it does not mean just another 1176- simulation. i would like to see a voxengo- interpretation of this kind of compression :D. i guess many people could be interested in such a voxengo plugin...

kind regards

I have no plans to produce 1176 replicas.  In my opinion, Deft Compressor is already among the snappiest compressors on the market.  If you need punch, Deft Compressor will deliver it.

thanx for your answer. i will try "voxengo deft compressor" with many interest. yes, the features of this plugin looks really like a virtual vintage- tool, which is able to "smash" drum sounds. maybe it is the "voxengo fet- style" compressor, that i tried to suggest;).
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