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Aleksey Vaneev: I have access to ProTools 11 releases, but unfortunately, ProTools works very unstably - probably in Native form at least.  It's quite hard to develop for it at the moment.

That's odd.  It works fine here without a glitch.  Including McDSP plugins.  I'm using it on a mac for now though.

Might be unstable on PC as they give the priority to mac users.  But probably the problems will be ironed out with the version 11.1.

I use it on Windows 7 64-bit system.  No problems with most other audio apps here.

However, with ProTools 11.0.1 I constantly get drop-outs (while CPU is the latest i7-4770K, 16 GB of memory), and just plain crashes out of nowhere.  And I've not even started compiling plug-ins.

I know a lot of us engineers here in Nashville would love to see you make the jump to AAX format.  I'd purchase your whole collection quickly.  Aleksey Windows has always been the weaker supported platform for Pro Tools.  11.0.2 has been released fixing a lot of bugs for Windows, though.  I'm a Mac only guy now because of stability issues with Pro Tools.  I hardly ever have one issue with it on Mac.

I'll be checking ProTools again soon.

I have several Voxengo plugins that I have wrapped to RTAS so I can use them in Protools.  I would pay for them all again if there was an AAX version.

I too am not upgrading to PT 11 yet, because I rely heavily on my Voxengo plugs.

Any news about aax??  Please!!  I really need span plus in PT11


Please Please Please support this on AAX, I just updated to 11 and my wrapper does not work on your plugins.  Your stuff is amazing.  Please.. and did I mention please...

I too cannot upgrade to PT 11 until you code Elephant for AAX.  Please do it, sir!

Another vote for AAX support.  I have several Voxengo plugins and would pay extra to have them in AAX.  I use them daily in Protools as wrapped plugins, but regret that I may be losing them in my inevitable move to PT11.

I am using Pro Tools 11 and I have had no issues with stability at all, it's very stable.

I own Gliss EQ and Elephant and use them with Blue Cat audios Patchwork, but it is not as easy as using Native.  This means I don't often use your plugins now.

If you ported to AAX 64 I would definitely buy more of your plugins and the ones I do have would get used all the time.

Many developers have ported their plugins with no real issues.  Yes it means extra work for you, but it also means you will reap the rewards from more people buying your plugins.

Please consider this.

PT11 and AAX are not going anywhere and the more time you don't have AAX, the more cash you are missing out on.

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