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Forums     Discussions     Announces, Releases and Discussions Any plans for Marquis VST 64-bit Windows?

Hi and sorry if this has been asked before, I could not find the info...

Are there plans to have Marquis as 64-bit VSt plugin for Windows released anytime soon?  I love this compressor and would really miss it in the future...

It seems to kind of work with Cubase VST bridge, but to be safe 64-bit native would be good.

I do have plans to port it, but not anywhere soon, sorry.

I suggest you to use jBridge instead - it's quite stable to my knowledge, and a good way to keep legacy plug-ins running.

I do use jbridge, but sometimes I have issues running a 64-bit plugin on the same channel before or after Marquis.  Autotune would just crash or show a blank gui.  Took me a while to figure out it's Marquis that's causing it.

Please don't neglect it.  I once owned a huge recording studio with pretty much any equipment that existed.  I also had most plugins in the last 20 years and Marquis is really special.  Nothing else sounds like it.  I really hate it when developers get you into one of their products, but then abandon it on the cost of new products that come out all of the time.

I'd rather have something that works that I know instead of learning new tools all the time. :)

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