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Just curious on any plans to port over your awesome plugs into any of the Avid formats.

Sometimes I get stuck and am forced to use PTools.  I can use the fxpansion wrapper but I'd rather not. :)

Just curious.  I don't think you NEED to port over either, I'm really just inquiring.

We do have plans for AAX support in the future (RTAS is becoming outdated).

YEAH!  Bring the awesome GlissEQ 3.5 AAX.  Thanks for your great Plugins.


I think you NEED TO port your plugins to AAX.

If you are following the trends (well, mainly what AVID is doing), it means you already know how it may be (if not "will be") important for your business.

Especially people like me, who uses VST hosts and Pro Tools daily, the tools we use HAVE TO be available in both DAW types.

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