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Thanks Aleksey!

Well, what a pity to implement the feature just to find out that Reaper does not use it - my plug-in does not receive any "vendor specific" calls at all from Reaper.

By the way, I have just posted Overtone GEQ 1.5.3 beta version which supposedly implements support of this extension.

Thanks Aleksey!

I can confirm that the extension doesn't work in Reaper.  I've posted your replies at - so I think we should get some answers soon.

The extensions work fine with Reaper's own plugins (ReaEQ for example) ...

Alexey, thank you for doing this!  I apologize for not seeing this reply until now, Dandruff just bumped it on the Reaper forum.

Please see :

At initialization time, Reaper sends the plugin an effCanDo "hasCockosExtensions".  If the plugin returns 0xbeef0000, then Reaper will send the effVendorSpecific calls for parameter ranges, etc.

The new Overtone beta appears to return zero from the initial effCanDo "hasCockosExtensions" call, so Reaper doesn't ask for anything more.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it's great that you're looking at this!  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

OK, thanks.  BTW, you should expect non-zero value in the "canDo" call - at least this is how it is treated, a boolean variable.  No 'beef' :-)

Other than that, it is working now.

I've released Overtone GEQ v1.5.4 beta which implements this extension.

Works fine now, thanks!

OK.  Note the added "bells and whistles" as well.

For which hosts did you add the "VST built-in refresh" option?
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