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Does Voxengo have any tools that will take a 2 channel recording and convert it into 5.1?


There are no tools at all to perform such conversion.  All you can do is to perform panning of 2 channel recording across 5.1 surround system.  If you want added ambience and impression you should use reverb like Pristine Space or other spatial FX.  Approaches to that problem are endless and there is no 'standard' solution to it.

5.1 is usually created from scratch when mixing recorded material track-by-track.

Hello Alex..

Yes..unfortunately my name is not Alan Parsons or Elliot Scheiner so I'll never have acess to the original studio master tapes..:)

I have been working with the panning tools found in programs like Audition and Plogue - they do a pretty respectable job at creating seperation for the surrounds..  Results vary depending on the original recording but in general are superior over methods like Lexicon's Logic 7 or Dolby DPLIIx etc..

What I'm most after is to get the best seperation that I can and was hoping you guys may have developed an extraction tool to get the 5.1 tracks

I do not have anything on the offer in that field right now.

no harm in asking

what would be even cooler if someone could write a tool that could reverse the stereo process and create the original stems!

We could then do our own amazing multichannel creations..


That's not possible...  It is like extracting milk from the coffee with milk.

I've had this discussion elsewhere with the same conclusion

excellant analogy

What I was hoping for here is if not white milk and dark chocolate, I would settle for dirty milk and milk chocolate..

There could be enough control of the individual stems to overcome some bleeding and get good results..

I have a feeling (theoretical one) that such 'stem' extraction *should* be possible given enough user-side guidance (like the prog will demonstrate extracted pieces and you'll assign them usable names or discard them).  It all should lie in the area of spectrum analysis, correlation, timbre profiling (via database) and probably some ADSR envelope analysis.

For example, I've did some tests dealing with 'complex cepstrum' and it was possible to extract 'true center' out of a stereo mix.  However, I've stopped tests as this process left a lot of artifacts - around -40 dB compared to 'good' signal.  If these artifacts were below -80 dB this could be usable and much better than any existing center channel extractors.

BTW, as far as I know center channel extractors are a widely used process when convering stereo mix into surround.

Yes, audition bases theirs on center extraction - so do a few of the models used in Plogue

too bad you couldn't find a way to clean up those artifacts

some methods also use stereo widths to do the extraction for the rears, but if you go too wide you collapse the front soundstage

the good part is that the techniques build on one another and are constantly being improved..

with the advent of Lossless audio coming to Bluray/HD-DVD our sources should improve making for at least better SQ in the 5.1 conversions

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