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We are pleased to announce that product prices at the Voxengo website were permanently lowered by at least 10% for several products and bundles.  You may check new prices out - it is possible that some products became more affordable to you so that you can purchase them easier.

Kind regards,

Aleksey Vaneev of Voxengo.

LOWER prices? ehehehe.. :)



What's so funny? :)

It seems they were already lower than other competitors...

Anyway, is this discount generally applied to all your plug-ins?



...andrea riderelli & aliusmodum...

la musica barocca oggi

I've reduced prices to about a half number of products.  This decision is of course was based on sales analysis.  I'm just trying to optimize price offer.

For example, CurveEQ was $99.95 - it is now $89.95.

well i've just bought harmonieq.

Was that lowered too? - it was only $89.95

Kind regards

Dave Rich

Yes, it was $99.95 as well.

...And I do not plan any more price reductions in a foreseeable future. :)

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