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Wow, R8Brain Free is great.  Well done Aleksey!

I've always wondered why nobody licenses your converter.  Btw, we use RBrainPro at work to convert 44.1kHz music mixes to 48kHz, and I'm perfectly happy with the results.  I used it to pre-convert the entire sound library to 48kHz(to 24bit as well).  My sincerest thanks for the console mode :) .

Quick question, why are the R8Brain Pro results much more noisy looking than the others?  Dither?  I doubt it is audible noise, but still I am curious

'Much' noiser is not a good description.  This noise is absolutely below the hearing threshold.  There is little reason to reach for better SNR (other than the dumb excellence).  I think I've already described why it is 'noisier': it is because r8brain PRO uses mixed 64-bit/32-bit floating point processing.

It should be also noted that this is floating point SNR and so it depends on the average signal level.  I.e. quiet parts won't become noisier more than the louder parts of songs.

Ok, thanks!

What software is used to make these comparisons?  I'd like to do a few tests of my own...

It is probably some proprietary software.

I have a question regardling that SRC Comparisons site and the R8Brain Pro

For the test graph for phase, with the R8Brain Pro in minimum phase mode, it shows quite a significant shift from the 'ideal' linear line from as low as 2000hz and upwards.

This is quite a shift in comparison to all the others is.

So my question is, why is this so, is the test graph wrong in this case for phase?, and also, if it is indeed correct, what kind of real world listening impact does that have?


(very close to purchasing the pro version of R8Brain)


Such phase shift is OK for min-phase mode.

The sonic impact to my knowledge is not extreme, and I doubt it can be called 'unfortunate'.  It just makes a bit different sound - some say it becomes more 'analog' even.

Given how the phase shift incurred in your other plugins always sound very pleasing to the ear in an analogue sense I can well believe that.

In fact, you have a new r8brain pro customer :)

*goes to purchase page*

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