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i've tried the following routing scheme in Cubase SX 3: I defined two groups; one with FX in it (for example with the much-beloved Tapebus) and one group without any FX.  I routed some drum kit pieces to both of them via the effect sends (pre-fader) in cubase.  The channel faders are down.  As a result; i get a processed and an unprocessed signal chain in parallel; ready to be mixed together.  The automatic plugin delay compensation (PDC) should take care for the plugin latencies in the group with the FX.

But whenever i insert Tapebus, the two signal chains get "out of sync" with each other; producing a clearly audible phasing effect.  That shouldn't happen with full PDC.  I get this problem especially with Voxengo Tapebus and also with Tritone Digital's Valvetone.  UAD Plugins (which also have latency) on the other side work fine in this setup.

Has anyone any idea?  Are some plugins maybe reporting a wrong latency to the host or is Cubase SX's PDC glitchy?

Any help is appreciated,


Please understand that TapeBus uses true tape machine responses which introduce phase coloration to the output signal.  This phase shifting is not of processing latency type - it is frequency-dependent meaning you cannot just shift the signal by some amount of samples to get rid of the phasing.

So, this has nothing to do with latency compensation or reporting.

Hi Aleksey

thanks for your quick answer!  All right; i didn't think of that; absolutely logical.  As i like Tapebus so much i guess i'll have to insert it into both channels with the same preset... ;-) ...and do additional compression with an other device.  Quite special; but i'll give it a try...

Cheers, Peter

Yes, it should work that way.
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