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I'm curious what the tape types are.  It would also be handy to know the tape speeds (15/30ips) and eq (NAB/IEC) that was used when the machine was setup.  Also what ATR did you use for the samples.

It would help me to choose an appropriate tape type in the plugin.

Great plugin.


Tape1 is close to Studer B67.

Tape2 is close to Studer A80RC.

Tape3 is close to some 'boombox' tape deck.

Of course, this is only an approximation and should not be used to say like TapeBus really emulates these devices.

Thanks for the info Alek.

Can you tell me what type of tapes were used and the speeds on the Studers.  Ampex 456, 499, GP9, Afga, etc. for A,B,C types.


I do not know which tapes were used.
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