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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Tape Bus and short transients

I have a track which contains rhythms that can best be described as "clicks" -- very, very short snippets of percussive sounds (only a few milliseconds in length).  These sounds are not uncommmon in electronic music production, as I'm sure most of you are familiar!

I was very surprised when I placed TapeBus on the master bus of this project and heard the clicks transformed into odd, hollow-sounding tones.  It almost sounded like the clicks track had been duplicated and shifted ever so slightly out of phase with the original.

I will try to post audio examples of the effect I'm describing.

I suppose my questions to Aleksey are:

1) Does this behavior surprise you?

2) If not, do you consider it par for the course when using such a plugin?

I must admit, it gives me some worry about how Tape Bus is processing transients in general!

This behavior is not suprising to me.  You should probably select another 'Tape' mode - they all sound different on transients.  In fact, it is all a matter of taste and suitability - if TapeBus does not work well with your current material, it does not mean it won't work good with another.

Makes sense.  I'll try the other tape modes and if none of them work, then perhaps TapeBus just isn't the right plug for this track!


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