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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Analog Flux Impulse outputs loud noise if path problem

Analog Flux Impulse v1.0 (from Suite version 1.2) outputs a very loud noise (buzzing) from the right channel if an impulse selected in a previous session can't be found due to a problem with the path to the file.

This can happen if impulse files are placed on a firewire drive or any hotplug drive and the drive letters have changed since the last session (due to hotplugging other devices).

The sound is very loud and you won't feel like mixing for a while after it.  If Analog Flux Impulse F.Mono is set to ON then the loud noise isn't output.

Analog Flux Impulse shows the message "Status: Unable to find/open file".

Please be careful trying to reproduce this one - the numbers generated by Impulse are quite high - RMS Buddy can't interpret them and it can interpret +300dB levels.  I have a 24-bit DAC which only allows so much sound level but it is quite loud!

I wonder why you are referring to Analogflux Impulse 1.0 here.  In Analogflux Suite 1.2 you should have Analogflux Impulse 1.2, too.  Please reinstall Analogflux Suite with the closed audio application.

There could be a problem in Impulse v1.0, but now I think it should be fixed already.

OK Great - I was wondering how the versioning worked for all the pieces.  I'll reinstall the whole thing all over again - I must have something in the wrong spot.  Thanx
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