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Having reloaded my plugings into Plogue Bidule after a cleanup a few plugins still have duplicate IDs.  I discovered the unit and the have the same VOXD Id,

I've listed them below:

VOX8 is only used by AudioDelay but reports as a duplicate ID

VOX6 is only used by SampleDelay but reports as a duplicate ID

VOXC is used by AFImpulse and VMod

VOXD is used by AnalogFluxDelay and BMS51

I don't have a hex editor, and I'm not too sure about fiddling with the dll's like that anyway.  Is there something you can do to rename the IDs for the duplicate ones, and is there something I can do to help resolve the misreported dulicate IDs?

Also, I remember this was reported sometime ago, but I never saw a resolution - all the AF plugins are presented in Plogue as 'Voxengo AnalogFlux Suite', 'Voxengo AnalogFlux Suite_1', 'Voxengo AnalogFlux Suite_1_1' etc..  What is causing this?


You are right about duplicate IDs - I have overlooked this, unfortunately.  I'm sorry for the trouble - will change this in the coming updates.

I'll also do something about the plug-in naming in Plogue - overlooked this, too.

Hey, no apologise necessary - it's a minor functional thing.

Thanks again.

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