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Thank you very much guys for your suggestions... really much appreciated!

Regarding SAW, yeah, I heard a lot of good things about it.  But, what about MIDI?  I mean, drumkits, synths, etc...

Maybe their own plugins are great, but what about all the other stuff?

How do you manage that olzzon?

This a Mix Buss plugin only its for Protools.

Analog emulates a bunch of different boards.  Its a huge seller.

Now with this in mind, what's the possibility of something like this being created?

It's like Tritone's imminent Color Tone.  All this time I didn't mean to to create an application that would get hold of the whole sequencer, I was just talking about a plugin specifically created for the summing buss.

What I mentioned earlier I think now is too complicated to be practical, BUT I keep on finding myself using combinations of plugins (usually Tritone's ValveTone and Digitalfishphones' Blockfish).

Now if somebody created a plugin with a combination of compression and eq specifically designed for the main buss, that would be excelent.

Many software companies invest lots of time trying to emulate vintage gear or tape saturation with more or less success but so far I haven't seen such thing done on emulating console sound.

I'm not saying here it's an easy task.  But it's definitely and interesting challenge!

Now I'd like to try that Pro tools plugin, maybe it really is what I'm talking about...


I already posted there is a plugin called Analog channel for ProTools.  It does exactly what your asking for.

I've played around with inserting Warmifier on my master bus and or inst/vocal buses.

Or try Warmifier->Marquis-TapeBus!  Sweet..............................

what about the Insert plug?

or is that too subtle?

Kind regards

Dave Rich

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