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The analogflux is awesome and I'm preparing to make my purchase.  I was wondering if you've thought about doing some sort of mix bus emulations to represent some of the sonics of mixing down through a large dream analog board.  Dare I say Neve or SSL, etc...

Thanks for the awesome plugs.


Thanks for the feedback! 'Mix bus' or something like that is not planned for implementation right now.

hey, that'd be a great thing!

I haven't heard of any plugins specifically designed for the mix buss... and they're much needed in our digital world.

I think Voxengo would take a great step forward by developing such a thing.

A mix buss plugin that would replace the sterile digital coloration for a nice flavoured analog character.

It could have maybe two or three basic setups, let's say the pure, flat console.  Then we could have the possibility to add mix compression and eq in case we need it...

Please Aleksey, that'd be a great thing to create, think about it :)


Thanks for re-igniting this had almost forgotten about it.  But what a great tool this would be alongside the other great tools you guy's provide.

What do you think...

I'm thinking and thinking again about such thing...  It's not really possible to design such plug-in - this coloration should be delivered by host's mixing engine.

I use Tritone Digital's Hydratone as a Mixbus processor.  The Fire control adds harmonics and makes for a very nice color on the mixbus.  Works great.


Aleksey, thanks for your answers.

Would it be possible to create a plugin which, from the main buss, would recognize any instances you open on individual tracks thus colouring many tracks at once, I mean like a main plugin with secondary instances?

I've noticed that some companies made use of this resource in order to achieve ducking of one channel into another.

This would save CPU as well as work as a real mixer.  Each instance could have an individual wet/dry knob.

The way I see the main buss plugin could be something like boogex, only that you could layer more than one impulse at once, as well as work with compression.

Yes it would be quite a CPU demanding plugin, but it would save us a lot of inserts on individual tracks, as well as help give the recording a more homogeneous sound.


Unfortunately, I cannot see how this approach can be practical.  I still think this 'analog mixing' can and should be implemented by the host audio application.

macca, have you tried putting the 'insert' plugin from the AF bundle on several tracks?  It does tame some harsh topend a bit and introduce some weird but cool randomnes to a sound.  I especially like this plugin on reverb, delay and chorus sends.  Be careful with it though, having too many of em can make the final sound a bit unfocused and could lead to some noise problems!


You could also check out SAW, i just converted from nuendo.

No need for any new mix bus here.  It just sound instantly great.  PERIOD.

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