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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite v1.2 will load v1.1 fxps?

I found that after updating AF suite 1.0 to 1.1, my saved off FXP files didn't load - the settings were ignored.

Has this been fixed in 1.2?  Will 1.2 load 1.1 or 1.0 fxps?

I need to know before updating so I can note all the settings if neccesary.



Please load FXP files using built-in Presets manager.  Due to some limitations Steinberg hosts do not load previous version FXP files.

Thanks Aleksey.

Is this problem fixable so the standard Steinberg host loading/saving can be used?  I am happy to use the workaround but I do feel that the formal host method for saving/loading patches should be supported.



After loading through 'Presets...' menu you may save the setting using host's function.  After this you will be able to load these presets.  It's a shortcoming in the host - it thinks that preset is incompatible if there was a change in parameter count between the versions.

Thanks Aleksey - I understand now.


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