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Aleksey, have you considered a specialized flanger for the AF suite or as a standalone product?  AFChorus already sounds incredible, but it lacks a feedback control that can accentuate the flanging.  Are you familiar with "through-zero flanging"?  This is a sound born in the days of tape flanging, when two decks were playing simultaneously and someone would press their finger on one tape (or speed it up/slow it down) to create a modulation where the wet signal not only is delayed behind the dry signal, but also moves in front of it.  This is a very special sound that can be stunning on guitars or drums.  The way to accomplish this digitally is to delay the dry signal a small amount (say 5ms) and modulate the wet signal so it lags behind and sweeps in front of the dry signal (the wet signal will sweep to a delay which is smaller than the dry signal's delay).  With your modulation-noise and oversampling a la AFChorus vintage mode, combined with a feedback parameter, I think you could create the best flanger on the VST market.

Also for more information and sound samples, you can check:

They are asking $369 but I bet you could create this at a much more reasonable price!

That's a fine idea.  I'll see if I can offer something interesting based on AF Chorus.  But that will be a separate product.

Great to hear this!

If you need a beta tester or some presets, you know where to ask. :)

Aleksey, any progress on this?  Had to ask, even though I know you are busy with HarmoniEQ and Mac ports. :)

This is almost done. :) This plug-in will be released a week after HarmoniEQ.

Damn, you just don't stop!  Thank you for working on this, I bet a lot of guitarists are going to love it.
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