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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Saturate Metering ?

Hi Aleksey,

Is it possible (if it's not in the works already) to have some type of metering or a light that indicates when the signal has crossed the 'Saturate' threshold?  I can hear it most of the time but in more suble instances I am wondering if saturation is occuring - especially when in combination with other things happening at the same time.

Thanks for considering this!

I'll try to implement it, but currently I cannot add any metering because I cannot find UI's designer person (Cedric Ricci).  I hope to find him soon so that he can do the necessary UI updates.  Without this meters may look too ugly and 'out of tune'.

I'm starting to think that even though outsourced UI design provides better visual results it proves to be a little unreliable.  Probably that was the reason I have never tried to contract designers in the first place.  Still hoping to find a local designer here where I live.

OK - thanks Aleksey !

Hmmm - I liked your GUI style just fine and I also appreciate your trying to improve it by using other contractors, at least you tried - maybe that doesn't work so well in certain cases.  Don't get too frustrated!

I like your standard GUI design just fine as well - I can't hear the difference!

I agree.  I like the standard voxengo GUI.  It's never bothered me at all.

Thanks for your comments on this.
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