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I am just wondering if you are planning on adding a 4x oversampling mode to TapeBus.  Is this something near the front of your queue or will such an update be a while away?  Maybe this is on the list near the Warmifier 3rd mode update? :)

This 4x option is not going to be implemented very soon as I personally think this may damage the 'feel' of TapeBus.  Aliasing is an inherent feature of tape saturation.  4x option may eliminate it.

Ok thanks.

I'd still love this feature as I think it does sound better at 96khz and this way I don't have to 'manually' upsample.  I love a more "brownish" but still harsh saturation.  Right now it's kind of white noiseish and harsh but upsampling makes it more 'muddy'.



I was planning to add oversampling to saturation stage only.  This may sound different than you think it would.

That's the stage I think would have the only benefit so no, I think we are on the same note. :)



OK :)

To clarify, I was suggesting extra oversampling just for the saturation stage also.

Any news on this?

Brian, sorry, but I have dropped this idea - at least for the nearest future.  I've described the reason already.
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