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Recently I've found out that the analogflux delay plugin crushes FL studio.  Doesn't crush the host itself but destroys the sound (volume indicator shows a great DC offset and enormous clipping.  All the sound system becomes silent (all other sound channels overrid I guess).  At the same time "this" overloads the CPU hardly and doesn't stop untill I unload the plugin).  Also I suspect that this happens when I load cruncessor plugin or the glisseq one in the host, because I didn't notice any such behavior when it was loaded single


So is it the Delay plug causing the problem, Crunchessor, GlissEQ or lack of CPU - I cannot quite understand.

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Galova, so, this happens when you chain two plug-ins: Delay and then Crunchessor/GlissEQ and vice versa?

Which version of FL Studio are you using?  If it's 4, could you create the same problem with its NewStuff example song?

AthlonXP 2500 pc is not a low-end pc, therefore the cpu resources can't be a problem for some software functionality.

The version is FL studio 5.  But the same thing was found with FL 4.5

Delay plugin didn't "crush" without crunchessor.

But can you reproduce this error by your will?  If so, can you reproduce this error by changing the NewStuff example song which comes with FL4?  I would like to fix this problem, but I need to know how to reproduce the bug.

what's the cue about the NewStuff example?

I own a full version of FL studio and I've got more than just "newstuff"

Yes, I can reproduce the bug.  I've checked it also on Celeron pc. the same thing about crunchessor.  If I could make a video screen capture report I'd send it to you with all the manipulations leading to described behavior.

Could it be dependant that I've got the cruchessor demo only?

Also GlissEQ demo.

In all cases I've got delay loaded after or before crunchessor and with glisseq already loaded.  But I have no idea which program exactly is causing this issue

I have asked to try to reproduce this bug with NewStuff demo because I have FLStudio 4 demo only.  I need to know the sequence of what you are doing to cause this problem.


There must be no difference between this project and other.

Probable steps:

You load Crunchessor and GlissEq to a FX channel.  Try to load into a different ones, maybe few copies. then load analogflux delay somewhere....

master channel or another.... well, you'll see.

Maybe you sould load delay first....

then start playback....  If problem doesn't appear, try described above in different order after reboot, reload of the application itself.

I found the bug checking with two different pc's.... (AthlonXP, Celeron4) in both cases the bug shows up.

btw, channels must be in use I guess.

Both PCs have internal AC97 codec onboard sound, but using PCI soundcards (Yamaha ymf724 and SB live!).

I have no idea how to explain better

I think I've found a solution to this bug.  Updated version will be released pretty soon.  Thanks for helping me to track this bug.

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