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Hey Aleksey

I was wondering if you ever considered making a brickwall limiter that would kind of work the same as the one made by nomad factory?  It would have no controls or meters, all it would do is stop all peaks at -0.5.  I have used the Classic Master Limiter by Kjaerhus and it is really nice but it doesn't let the drums in the mix, breathe.The drums get clamped down really hard.  I tried the demo of PSP vintage warmer and it did what I was looking for but I really don't want any knobs to play with.  All I really want to do is put this at the end of my signal chain and listen to my mixes without worrying about peaks.  Thanks for any consideration!


Check out Elephant2 it is a rippa little brickwall, has a couple of parameyers but it would take you all of 2 minutes to set up a preset which does what you want.

Indeed, Elephant2 should suit your purpose, Jeromee.  BTW, you don't have to tweak much with it - all you basically need is to turn Out knob to -0.5 dB and probably set Oversampling to Off to preserve CPU resources.  You may also disable dithering and filtering.  Use EL-2, AIGC-3 or -4 for ease of use.
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