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I think you already have plans for this, but a clip LED would be handy for TapeBus.  Also, have you thought about a 2x/4x/Auto oversampling option for TabeBus?  Ideally, there would be more Tape modes as well, but I guess this depends on the availability of Tape decks for others to impulse.  I know the Ampex ATR-102 is a very famous deck popular in 2track mastering applications.  Other Studers would be great too.

Also, would you consider adding a saturation stage into the feedback path of AnalogDelay or is this simply not practical with your implementation?  The GUI is beautiful as it is, I imagine you don't want to add another knob.  In the meantime, I have tried turning the feedback to 0%, chaining TapeBus after the delay, and feeding the delay bus to itself for the feedback.  This way I can acheive a very nice crunchy tape-like delay.  Of course doing this makes it impossible to use in realtime with the latency.

Finally, it would be nice to have some included impulses in the Impulse module.

Brian - I thought I got the AnalogDelay to sound pretty much like an Echoplex or Space Echo in 'runaway' mode (if you know what I mean) the other night.  That's pretty overdriven and saturated & crunchy but is more of a special effect I think.

Maybe you're asking for something smoother in addition to that fine capability ?

TapeBus already uses 2x oversampling, but I still have plans for an additional 4x option.  New Tape modes will be implemented in the next version.

Saturation won't appear in the Delay plug-in in the nearest future.  I had no plans for it initially as it could make everything pretty cumbersome.  Then again, there are no modulation or complex routing capabilities present either.  These are just a little too much for the initial idea I had.

Impulses for the Impulse plug-in are on the way.

OK thanks!  I wasn't aware that Tapebus already used oversampling.
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