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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Clipping Tapebus - Rec Clip Indicator??

Hi Aleksey,

I have Tapebus inserted on an acoustic guitar track that, according to SPAN I have inserted right befor Tapebus, has PRMS of -24dB.  Sometimes the acoustic guitar creates a few transients around 2KHz that cause TapeBus to clip.

The preset I'm using in TapeBus is 'Hyper Smash' (I changed to low & hi settings to 0dB) has a rec gain of 24dB.  If I back that off to below -21dB or so (like I would on a real tapedeck) then the clipping goes away.

Do you think a clipping light on the rec gain makes sense like on a real tape deck?

Thanks, Kyle

I will probably implement such indicator in the future version.  Thanks for the tip.
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