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I have been testing the Pipeline pre-amp impulses recently made available at Noisevault.

In Nuendo, I set up two tracks, each with a copy of the same guitar track.  On one track I inserted SIR, Pristine Space and the Impulse Insert.  I loaded in one of the SSL impulses into each and set for full wet.

I then played back soloing between the raw track and the track with the inserts and on the track with the inserts, switching between the three IRs.

With both Voxengo inserts, I could not hear a difference but with SIR, it was obviously making a big difference.

Is there something wrong with the Voxengo plugins and very short impulses?  Has anyone come across this?

I thought it was my hearing going but now I am convinced that there is a problem here.

Thanks for any comments...



I thought it was me also with the pre-amp impulses from Pipeline.  I thought the effect was so subtle it wouldn't even notice.  So I made a stereo guitar track, made 3 copies of it and routed it to 3 different groups.  One group with PS inserted and SSL mic flat 0db impulse loaded, one group with Fluximpulse with same impulse loaded and finally one group with SIR inserted, again with same preset.  Now the Voxengo plugs seems to do nothing and SIR finally opened my ear to these impulses.  I have been testing this with Cubase SX on BM6a Dynaudio's.  Oh, and off course I made sure that I was only getting the wet settings on the inserts..  Aleksey, somethiing is very off here.  Hope you can figure it out.

Kind regards

I've answered this request on NoiseValut forums:

Previously I've pointed on the high error rate of SIR.  You may even try loading a dirac spike into SIR and you WILL hear difference on the output while there should be none.

So it is probable that impulses you load do not make much difference to your taste.

Please bear in mind that the same convolution technology is used in r8brain PRO and Elephant2's oversampling.  If it were buggy or unprecise this would not worked at all.

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