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Hi!  Finally I too am a Voxengo customer...thanks to the AF suite.

I read about the preset switching problem in Impulse.  But I also cannot figure out how to manually load a preset.  Where are they stored?  I have the same problem with all the other plugins too - when I click "Load preset" I get an Explorer window which starts out in My Documents - but I have no clue where to look for the presets...sorry if I'm a complete newbie here...

I feel like a kid who has got a new toy and just needs to find batteries to make it run!

First of all, TapeBus, Delay and Chorus plug-in come with factory presets, so you don't have to use 'Load preset' but instead switch programs within your host application.

If you are talking about Impulse plug-in alone you should have some WAV files ready to be loaded into Impulse plug-in (you may search for some at

Impulse and Insert plug-ins do not have factory presets as they do not have many parameters.

That figures...didn't think twice.  I see the presets now.  I am using Ableton Live and thought the "Presets" button was the place to click but they are of course in the little plugin control window, not the plugin gui... :)

And I figured out the impulse thingy, yes.  Excellent!  Tried a few impulses from noisevault and wow!

Thank you.

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