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We had it inserted in a bus in sonar 4.01 last night and got the following error..

trap 17 error with pristine space.  It kept popping up.

pristine space was in another bus insert.

Let me know if you need any info from the session.


BTW, the plugs are great. usual.


Hm..  That's strange for sure.  When this error arised?  When you pressed play, stop, when you inserted plug-in or just occasionally?

Do you have P4 with HT enabled, or Athlon computer?

I assume you have downloaded and installed the latest v1.0 from the downloads page?

Just occasionally.

I have dual athlon 2400's, xp pro.

Is the download different from yesterdays?

Download is the same (I just wanted to be sure).  I'll try to fix that problem.  You are the second to report it.  Are you sure it gave Trap 17 with *Pristine Space on it* not 'Internal plug-in error'?

No it definately said pristine space.

OK, thank you for the information.


Pristine Space also crashes in Samplitude V8...I will see what error it gives...

Berend, does PS crash on its own, or in combination with TapeBus?
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