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Congratulations on releasing this suite, I know a lot of people (myself included) were asking you for a tape-bus plugin for a long time.  The GUIs for TapeBus and Delay look fantastic too.

Thanks for your comment!

Dear Aleksey,

I think the Tapebus is the most amazing of all your plugs.  It adds a very delicate "expensive" and analoque touch to a mix over the whole frequency spectrum.  It's not so much a compressor than a sound enhancement system without the limitations of normal enhancers (brittle sound, concentration on high frequencies) or compressors.  It sounds better than for example the am-track built into Samplitude and I haven't found a plug that does the same to a track as the Tapebus (I have them all).

I wonder if it should be marketed as simple tape bus.  I'd rather go for something like "analoquer".  And it should look more expensive.  People tend to believe good looking plugs sound better.

So there should be unique voxengo CI for all the plugs and perhaps something like a voxengo mastering suite which consists of the tapebus (with an extended eq section (not just low and high) and elefant (elefant seems to boost high frequencies a little bit too much, though) which looks like hell and sound like it already does...

Greets Thomas

Thomas, TapeBus is already called Analogflux TapeBus.  I've called it 'Analogflux' for a reason.  As for its look, it already looks pretty good to my taste - its UI was designed by an experienced designer.

As for combining TapeBus and Elephant, it's better to chain two plug-ins as I do not see a way to combine the two by means other than simply chaining both plug-ins.

Yep, Analogflux seems to be really great.

( only had time for a short look/listen )

Now the only thing missing, is the "record with Dolby, playback without Dolby" simulation.

( Someone has done that already, but I can't remember who ... )

As for the design:

Tapebus looks good at first sight, but the 3D background has no relation, to the knobs and switches.

E.g.: the position of the knobs is illogic, as they sit directly on the angle of the background.

bye, Jan

What do you mean by 'record with Dolby, playback without Dolby'?  You may probably achieve that by putting some denoiser before the TapeBus plug-in.

As for the design, of course it could be better (as all things in this world), but hopefully it is just good enough to keep you playing with the plug-in.

Thanks for your feedback anyway!

Well, the design is definitely good enough ... ;)

'record with Dolby, playback without Dolby' :

This was the standard procedure, to enhance the high frequency response

on old cassette tape decks, back in the 70s and 80s.

You record music with Dolby active and play it back with deactivated Dolby.

So you would get a high frequency boost with a special character.

( You also got some nice high frequency noise, which added to the special sound )

This worked best with Dolby A and Dolby B, as Dolby C introduced dynamic noise reduction.

bye, Jan

I guess one should know how this Dolby works to create the same effect.  I plainly do not know how it works.  And frankly saying, I do not think such 'Dolby' mode would be very useful.  Probably it won't even work as TapeBus does not introduce some additional noise.

Simply put, Dolby raises the high frequency level, when recording and then reduces it again, on playback.

It should reduce the tape noise, but was rarely used for that purpose.

And yes, for a usefull implementation You would need the specs,

( ... don't know, if white papers are available on the net ... )

and You would need tape noise/hiss.

I guess, at least the tape hiss, could be a nice addition to Tape Bus.

As it adds high frequency content, it can give the feel of a more compressed and enhanced high end.

Just some ideas, for TapeBus 2 ( or 3 ) ...

bye, Jan

Thanks for the idea, definitely something to consider.
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