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How would you compare the TapeBus plug-in to Warmifier and Lampthruster?  I need something to 'take the edge off' of some tracks without compressing them.  I've been loving Crunchessor, but I'm using it so often, I think some of my mixes are getting too squashed before they go to mastering (where they'll get squashed again.) I remember demoing Warmifier a while back and thinking that it was almost too subtle; is TapeBus a little more 'in your face'?  Many thanks for the great work!!!

TapeBus is completely different plug-in in comparison to those two.  Indeed, it may give you 'in your face' kind of sound.

Try the demo out, I think you'll like it.  Especially the Tape 2 type is very convincing even though TapeBus doesn't quite give that near lofi punchy feel of the early seventies recordings.  This is a bit more subtle but still very noticable.  Combine it with the Insert and you get a little bit more.

/Mats D

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